Friday, June 1, 2012

Writing Stories

I came up with an idea to help my students develop a story. They had a hard time coming up with ideas so I set up three buckets to help. Each bucket contained color-coded cards. One bucket had character cards (yellow). Another bucket had setting ideas (green) and the final bucket had plot ideas (blue).

Then they would draw two character cards, one setting card, and one plot card. After their selection, they would use the cards to fill out their "brainstorm" packet.

The "brainstorm" packet was helpful because it allowed them to get their ideas on paper before writing their story. It also allowed me to discuss setting and plot with them. When they finished filling out the packet and conferencing with me, they could begin writing their story. Their story had to make sense. It had to have a beginning, middle, and an end. Also the problem in the story had to be solved. The stories turned out great!

After the stories were written, I typed them into a book for each student. I typed exactly what each child wrote. They were so fun to read. When all the stories were done, each student had to read their story to five classmates and get input from them. They filled out a feedback form after each reading. This allowed them to work on fluency as they read their stories as well as sharing and getting feedback from peers. I loved to listen to all the stories and they really enjoyed sharing.

This writing assignment took a few days because I have taught my students that writing is a process and takes time. :)

Mother's Day Sweetness

For our Mother's Day gifts, my students made flowers out of recycled cardboard egg cartons. Here are the results...