Friday, March 16, 2012

Luck O' the Irish

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day our writing topic was "I feel lucky when". We brainstormed all the wonderful reasons why we feel so lucky. One thing that made us feel luck today was the warm, sunny weather. After writing, each student made a leprechaun. There were some "wee" leprechauns and some with a bit o'hair on their chin. :)

 "I feel lucky when people love me."
 "I feel when I buy a puppy and a goldfish."
"I feel lucky when I go for a bike ride and get ice cream."

Super Hero Adjectives!

In an effort to add interesting details to our writing, we learned about using adjectives to "jazz" it up. First we read a book called Boris the Pirate. After reading the story, we found and listed all the adjectives. Then we looked for "proof" for the adjectives. For example, if the story said the character Boris was strong then we had to find out how (the proof) he was strong.
Next I had my students start the Super Hero writing activity. First they filled out a "brainstorming" sheet and listed five adjectives that described the type of super hero they were. Then they had to provide the "proof". For example, if they used the adjective 'helpful' to describe themselves then they needed to state HOW they were helpful. "I am helpful because I save people's lives." We always go through the writing process. Here are some of the super heroes and writings.
 "I am weird. I can stink myself out and fall over." :)
 A extremely fast super hero.
 A wonderfully pink super hero.
 "I am smart. I can read fast." :)
 A super hero with rocket boosters on the cape. :)
 "I am strong because I exercise."
A toothless super hero. :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Seuss's Birthday!

Happy 108th birthday, Dr. Seuss! Even though we only had a half-day today, we still did some fun Dr. Seuss activities. To start our day, we added to our "Doodle Table". We had to add a drawing of ourselves with a Dr. Seuss hat on and also write down some rhyming words.

Then we did some Dr. Seuss math. We completed some addition problems with green eggs (and ham). With a partner, each student added an amount of yellow eggs to a plate then his/her partner added an amount of green eggs to the plate. Then they added the eggs to see how many eggs altogether on the plate. After solving the problem, they wrote down the corresponding number sentence.

Finally, we did a Dr. Seuss "adlib" for the story Green Eggs And Ham. They had to come up with a strange food for this activity. There were lots of strange foods such as bug cookies, shredded lettuce water, pickle shrimp, and egg juice. These writings turned out quite funny and the kids loved to hear stories with their names in them.

A short day but still a fun day filled with Dr. Seuss activities. :)