Friday, April 13, 2012

Math Centers

For math, we will sometimes have math centers. The centers allow my students to practice certain skills independently.
One center is "Domino Addition". Students randomly select a domino from a basket. Then they "draw" the domino and change it into a number sentence. This helps them to practice their important math facts.
"Dice Addition" is another center and it is similar to "Domino Addition". Students roll a pair of dice. Then they "draw" the dice and change it into a number sentence.
Since we learned about centimeters this week, we had a measuring center. They had to measure the items that were in the basket. They needed to use the centimeter side of their rule. They would write down the name of the object measured and then record the number of centimeters long that is was.
The final center was a memory game. One game was matching coin amounts to the written money amount. Another memory game was matching the analog clock time to the digital time. My students love to play memory games.
Here are the three worksheets used for the Domino Addition, Dice Addition, and Measuring with Centimeters centers.

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