Friday, May 4, 2012

"Bee" A Reader

We read an interesting informational text about bees. We learned to look at the text for clues. We learned that an important clue might be a boldface word. We found lots of boldface words in our text. There were also headings that were very helpful when we were reading. The headings gave us hints about what we were going to read. We learned that in the center of the comb are the eggs and on the outer edge is the honey.  
There is only one queen bee in a hive and she lays all the eggs. She can lay thousands of eggs.
The worker bees are female and do most of the work. They clean out the cells. They feed the young bees. They make the honey. Work, work, work.
The drones are male. They collect the nectar and the pollen. They find all the flowers. They do special dances to let the other bees know if the flowers are close or far away. See if your child remembers the dance for "far away flowers".

"Bee"ing a reader is fun because you can learn lots of interesting information. :)

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