Thursday, February 16, 2012

Presidents Day

February 22nd is Presidents Day or Washington's Birthday. Therefore, as we worked on friendly letters in our writing this week, we decided to write letters to President Obama. We discussed the parts of a friendly letter and then started writing. On the first day of writing, my students had to write down at least five questions for the President. Some questions included: "Do you have a hamster?", "Are you rich?", and "How old are you?" 
This student asked, "Did you know that your wife was on iCarly?" :) 
This student wanted to know what the President's rules  were. :)
During the second day of writing, they had to write five "telling" sentences. They could tell the President about themselves. Then on the last day the questions and "telling' sentences were combined to make the body of the letter. We used special writing paper for the final copies. 
I love  how this student wanted to let the President know that he was the shortest kid in his class. :)
When the letters were done, my students looked at a photo of President Obama on the document camera and drew him. Then they painted it with watercolors. The paintings turned out fantastic and I am sure the President will appreciate them. 
I love the ears on this painting. 
I think four years in office are taking its toll on President Obama. He has a few more wrinkles and gray hair in this painting. :)

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