Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wonderful Weather

We have started a new Science unit - WEATHER! To start our unit, we brainstormed different weather conditions and listed them on a poster.
These words will be used each day in their weather journals. For one week, they will be keeping track of the weather. When they consider the weather, they have to think about how the air feels and how the sky looks. These details are added to their weather diary.

I let them personalize their weather diaries by decorating the covers.
On each page, they write the date and at least three "weather" words from our poster. After writing about the day's weather condition, they draw a picture of what it looks like. When the weather diaries are complete, we are going to use the information to create a graph.
We are also learning about tools that help determine the different weather conditions. My students made a wind gauge that will also be used to plot the wind conditions for a week or so. They will keep track of this information in their "Wind Journals". They will be weather experts.

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