Friday, February 10, 2012

We Are 100 Days Smarter!

We did lots of fun activities to celebrate our 100th day of school.
We played "Roll to 100" and "100 Tally Marks" during math time. We also made "We are 100 days smarter" hats out of paper plates.
At snack time, we made trail mix. Each student brought in 100 things to add to it - edible things. :) I am always amazed at how perfectly it turns out.
We did a few writing activities. One writing activity was "I wish I had 100..." Another writing activity asked to them reflected on their favorite thing about the first 100 days of school. A lot of my students wrote READING as one of their favorite things. As a teacher, that makes me happy. :)

My students also made portraits of themselves depicting them at the age of 100. One student said, "When I am 100 I will still ride my bike even though I will have wrinkles." Not sure how wrinkles affect bike riding. :)

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