Friday, February 3, 2012

Math Scrolls

Yes, we have math in our classroom. :) I just post "highlights" from our week on my blog. I do want to share a math favorite of my students. They love working on their MATH SCROLLS. The math scrolls were easy to make. We used some graph paper and empty paper towel rolls. They start with the number "1" and continue to add numbers to their scroll. The goal is to see how long they can get their scroll. The longer the scroll, the greater the numbers become. We figured out that getting to the number "1000" on the scroll is about as tall as a first grader. :)
They can work on their scrolls whenever they finish their classwork. I check on their progress to make sure the numbers are correct. I also point out and discuss any patterns that they might see and that might be helpful as they write bigger numbers.
We decided that at the end of the year to line up all the scrolls to see how long the scrolls are all together. We will probably have to do this outside as I am predicting that they might be the length of the entire school. I will be sure to post a photo. :)

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