Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Doodle Words Table

When I taught 3rd and 4th grade, I had a "Doodle Words" table. I would tape a big sheet of paper to a back table. Then I would "label" the table. For example, I would label the table "Adjectives" and my students would write/draw adjectives all over the paper. I also had a "Verb" table, a "Words That End With -ING" table, and more. I would change the paper every one to two weeks. Well, I decided to bring back the "Doodle Words" table. As my first and second graders begin to, and continue to, explore words and sounds within the words, I thought it appropriate to let them "play" with words at the "Doodle Words" table.
This week we are reviewing the "H" brothers. With that in mind, they may write and draw words that have /th/, /sh/, /ch/, or /wh/ in it. I encourage my students to sound-spell their words as they learn to work through the sounds in words.
If they are unsure if a word has any of the "H" brothers in it, they may ask me or a friend. The "Doodle Words" table is great because it provides them with a fun way to work with words. The table is on display for all to see so they will have additional exposure to the words.

Every week or so, I will change the paper on the table. I might choose pink when it is Valentine's Day for the week. The topic of the table will correspond with the word skill we are covering for that week. So, whenever my students finish with their classwork, they may hop over to the "Doodle Words" table and add some words. One student added "WHite CHocolate" to the table. Perfect. :)

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  1. Fun idea for the kiddos! I'm wondering how I can put paper on my round table easily! hmmm. Thanks for sharing.

    First Grade Delight