Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Bubbilicious Writing Process

To wrap up our sequence writing lesson, my students wrote a fun and engaging "how to" paper. They wrote a paper called, "How To Blow A Bubble". First, we went over our sequence words then they started their rough drafts. I met with each of them to review their writing. Then, the next day we did some partner editing in a very creative way. Each student had a partner and a piece of wrapped bubble gum. One student read his/her paper to the other who then acted out the steps that were written on the paper. The "acting" student could not unwrap the gum unless it was in the paper.
 If a step was forgotten, then it was added during this "editing' process. The reader would stop, add the missing detail, then continue to read the directions. Then the roles were switched. In the end, many students discovered their missing steps through the "acting it out" editing process. The kids loved blowing the bubbles!
After editing, they wrote their final copies. They were so quiet because they were multitasking...chewing and writing. Here are some of their final pieces.

We also found a fun way to publish and share our writing. Each of my students made a portrait of their face with colored paper. Then I gave each of them a pink balloon and blew it up. This became the "bubble gum" in their portraits. There were lots of giggles as they made these. Here are a few of my bubble-blowing students:

What a bubbly, wonderful writing activity.

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