Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Setting Goals for 2012

We're back in action after the holiday break. To start our "new" year, we talked about setting goals. It was decided that goals are set so we can become better at something or to learn more about something.  For the writing assignment today, my students wrote about their goals for 2012. The goals were quite clever and very thoughtful. One student decided that he wanted to learn how to make cookies this year. As a class, we might decide to tackle that goal with him. :)
In addition to the writing piece, they published their writing pieces in this cute format. It is important for them to display and share their work. When I was hanging their "faces" on the wall, I could hear some of them say, "Hey, there's mine!" and "Oh, I can read mine!" (Taking pride in their wonderful work.)
I love the added freckles on this face. The writing reads: My gol is to lis in at hom. What a thoughtful goal for a first grader to make. What are your goals for 2012?

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