Monday, January 9, 2012

Hungry Animals

As part of our animal unit for Science, we discussed herbivores and carnivores. We discussed the teeth of each type of animal such as the flat teeth of the plant eaters (herbivores) and the sharp teeth of the meat eaters (carnivores). Why do herbivores have flat teeth? What do carnivores have sharp teeth? We also listed animals who were herbivores and carnivores. I had one student bring in a cattle skull and the kids pointed out the flat teeth. To wrap up the herbivore and carnivore lesson, we fed a couple hungry animals. We had a hungry cow as our herbivore and a hungry tiger as our carnivore. The students made food to feed each one. It was fun to see a few hamburgers being fed to the tiger. The cow was fed a lot of carrots because "carrots are good for you, Mrs. Scott."
This is what we fed our cow:
This is what we fed our starving tiger:
These animals were well-fed!

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