Friday, January 6, 2012

We made a snowman...IN OUR CLASSROOM!

It's true! We made a snowman in our classroom. It was a paper one but we still made one. :) We made the snowman together. First, the students wrote papers about "How to make a snowman" as we learned about sequencing and sequence words. 
After they finished with their writing (a rough draft then a "neat sheet"), they drew a slip of paper out of the bucket. Each paper slip had a different snowman part on it such as a hat, a left mitten, buttons, an apple eye, a coal mouth, and more. We had brainstormed the different snowman parts in an earlier lesson as we were preparing for our writing. Then after they picked a paper from the bucket, they drew that item and added it to our classroom snowman. This is what the snowman looked like before we made him:
This is what our snowman looked like after we added all the items to him:
Doesn't he look great? It was a great writing assignment with a link to art. We love to write!

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